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The designs are first drawn on papers to achieve accuracy in tie & knots, and then transferred to looms, with great care and cautiousness. A craftsman (Weaver) can weave only five to six inches within a day. After working for 10 to 12 hours, no Sunday holiday and whole family working together, it takes one and half year to complete a patola saree.
Following are the seven main processes of preparing a Patan Patola.
Process of making silk pure. (Conversion of raw silk in to pure silk).
  Process of making warp and weft.
Process of tieding the knots on warp and weft.
  Process of dyeing.
  Process of weaving.
Process of adjusting each threads of warp and weft.
  Process of finishing the fabrics.
Each main process is also sub divided into 3 to 4 sub processes. In short, total process of making patols are 22 to 25.
Preparing a Weft
Process of Spinning
Family Weaving on a Patola Loom
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