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The Patola, A hand made Silken Tixtile manufactured at Patan in northn Gujarat is an Art Historically atleast several centuris ols As per legend from 4th A.D. It is recorded in relegious books like Ramayan & Narshiha Puran that patola were used in grea tceremony. It is beleived that this traditional art received great patronage during chalukya period of Kin Kumarpal as Aueen used to wear a new Patola every day.
  Patoda are produced from 1000 years by same process as it was before till today not a single percent modification in technique is done as it is a special technique. There are main seven process of preparing Patan Patola.
  While in Preparing Patola colouring and design pattern are evolved on each thread. Different colour and pattern are matched exactly on horizontal and vertical threads in weaving. This is the secret of Patola A set design evolved through colouring cross threads is known as "Double Ikat".
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